Ana Maria Tabunda





Dr. Ana Maria Tabunda is Professor of Statistics and Former Dean of the College of Statistics at the  University of the Philippines Diliman. She is currently the Research Director of Pulse Asia.


Public Opinion on Criminality, the War on Illegal Drugs, and the Death Penalty

Amidst the ongoing “war on illegal drugs” being waged by the Duterte administration, discussions and debates – both in and out of Congress – about the death penalty have resurfaced. This presentation looks into, among other things, Filipinos’ views and sentiments not only regarding the campaign against illegal drugs initiated by the incumbent administration but also about the proposal to restore the death penalty, the impact of this anti-illegal drugs campaign on the people’s sense of security, and public assessment of the Duterte administration’s performance in relation to its fight against criminality. On the whole, public opinion appears to support the move to reimpose the death penalty for certain heinous crimes, including drug pushing. Furthermore, survey data shows there is a general expression of support for the campaign against illegal drugs being implemented by the national administration despite the continuing expression of concern here and abroad toward the increasing number of extrajudicial killings as a result of the “war on illegal drugs”.