Jacqueline Ann De Guia



Atty. Jacqueline Ann C. de Guia is the Officer in Charge of the Public Affairs and Strategic Communications Office of the Commission on Human Rights. She is also the designated spokesperson and has appeared in numerous interviews and public speaking engagements on behalf of the Commission discussing relevant human rights issues. Her previous roles in the Commission included OIC and Regional Director of Commission on Human Rights Regional Office – IV in San Pablo, Laguna and CHR Torture Prevention Ambassador in the 2015 Asia Pacific Forum and Association for the Prevention of Torture Joint Project.



The Challenges Facing the Philippine Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Today

The Commission on Human Rights is currently facing several crises – the many extrajudicial killings; the potential reimposition of the death penalty and lowering of the age of criminal responsibility; and perhaps most significantly, a growing resentment and misdirected anger towards the concept of human rights, exacerbated by a misunderstanding of the mandate of the Commission. The discussion today will start by clarifying the roles and mandate of the Commission and then proceed to a discussion on some of the issues mentioned in this abstract focusing on basic facts regarding the casualties of the campaign against drugs; an overview of the Commission’s efforts in investigation and its call for due process and the rule of law. There will also a brief examination on the CHR’s firm stand against the reimposition of the death penalty and the weight of our international obligations relating to this.